About Us

Who We Are

Mars Family Farm is a family farm located in Andover and Grasston, MN and was founded by Shawn and Stephanie Mars. Both educators by trade, Shawn and Stephanie spend their time at home working on the farm with their two daughters, Josephine and Sophia.

What We Do

While we spend lots of time building our homestead, our pride and joy is raising our pigs with great care and love. They are pasture raised with no hormones and no antibiotics. They have unlimited food and water and are given clean dry straw for bedding. They have good shelter to keep them from the elements, rotate pasture, and they can come and go as they please.

As we raise them, we give them a happy life and do things like training them to follow us with fresh fruit. This allows us to transport them without hurting them or causing unnecessary stress. Not only is this practice humane, it makes the meat taste better. Cortisol, a stress hormone, ruins meat.

We Make It Easy

You order your package from Mars Family Farm. We walk you through the process in a friendly and easy manner. We take the pig to a licensed and inspected butcher and place the order for all your cuts. Then, when the butcher is done, we pick up your order and deliver it right to your home! Delivery is also free within the Twin Cities Metro Area! And, pricing is simple. Just $6.50 per pound for a half pig and $6.58 per pound for a quarter pig, regardless of the cut of meat. That’s healthy, pasture raised pork, you’d be lucky to find in a fine deli, for grocery store prices! We believe people shouldn’t have to pay more to be healthy!